Feature Walls

Bespoke digital wallpaper murals.

Hand-Made Wallpapers

High-end coverings including silk, suede and handmade.

Office & Commercial

Not only homes but office, retail, and other commercial buildings.

Digital Wallpaper

Professional application & printing.

Wallpaper is an art form. From the craftsman making it, to the person hanging it. A true collaboration in art.

- L. M. Bryant

The end result is what you are after, and that is impeccable. The guys at The Wallpaper are some of the best in the industry.

- Jonathan Miele

Our Philosophy

In our eyes, it is all about the Wallpaper - hence the name - and our team is dedicated to excellent quality and exceeding our customer's expectations.

We can help with all types of wallcovering, and even more general painting and decorating, but the real artisan skill is in wallpaper hanging.

Our specialism in bespoke, custom and high-end wallpaper means we can help with any requirements but excel where quality is paramount.

Specialist Wallpapers

We specialise in high-end, hand-made, and luxury wall-covering hanging. These wall-coverings include silks, suedes, block prints, handmade, hand painted, vinyl, digital wallpaper, panoramic wallpapers & scenic, and much more.

Specialist Brands

  • Fromental
  • deGournay
  • Gracie


Master Craftsmanship

With many years of experience, learning and mastering the craft, we have had a chance to work with some amazing clients.

NYC digital wallpaper
handmade papers - red. blue, yellow, green
modern office mural digital wallpaper
modern office interior - large meeting table in a modern office
Detailed Wallpaper

Why choose us

20+ Years of experience producing the best results for our customers.

We have worked with some of the best wallpaper hanging companies in the UK, and have over 20 years of service providing excellent results


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handmade papers - red. blue, yellow, green

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